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About Family Enterprise Alliance, LLC 

When families build something of value, whether it is a business, wealth, philanthropy, or a commitment to a collective responsibility of
any kind, they often have a vision of it lasting well into future generations.  For many years, owners considered technical estate and
succession planning to be the essential step to making this happen.  More recently, statistics have proven that while those are absolutely 
essential to ownership transfer, family unity is vital to continuity and lasting success.


The Family Enterprise Alliance, LLC  is a second-generation global family firm providing education, insight, and guidance to enterprising families, organizations, and professional advisors seeking to advance their goals for continuity from generation to generation.  Services, which are oriented toward people, relationships, communication, and group dynamics, include succession planning, retreat and governance facilitation, family meetings, values programs, next-generation leadership development, conflict management, customized educational programs, workshop development, peer exchanges, keynotes, and conference sessions. 


The goal of Family Enterprise Alliance, LLC is to help enterprising families flourish and their business, wealth, philanthropic, and family entities thrive.  The role of its professionals is to facilitate the process that leads family businesses and enterprising families to greater performance, a deeper level of collaborative learning, and a more productive way of advancing toward their desired outcomes.  While working extensively, at times, with clients’ legal, financial, wealth management, and philanthropic advisors, the firm does not administer any technical advice in these professional areas. 


Family Enterprise Alliance, LLC includes a learning exchange with many organizations such as the Family Firm Institute Global Education Network, University of Denver Daniels College of Business, and the Rocky Mountain Family Business Center. 


Family Enterprise Alliance, LLC works collaboratively with many professional advisory firms, associations, family business centers, universities, and family offices on non-financial, non-legal family enterprise alliance services.  The firm also assists clients with objectively identifying available professional services that could contribute to effective planning.   There are no professional advisors referral fees exchanged between firms for this service.


Family Enterprise Alliance. LLC founder Kim Schneider Malek (MBA), recipient of the 2014 Family Firm Institute's Barbara Hollander award for leadership in and teaching commitment to family enterprise, began her career in family business advising at Schneider Consulting Group, Inc., a firm founded by her father, Frank S. Schneider, in 1987.  Frank was the recipient of the Family Firm Institute’s Interdisciplinary Achievement award for his collaboration with professional service advisors from the legal, financial, behavioral, and management science disciplines.  Kim, who since 2001 has been on the faculty of the University of Denver Daniels College of Business here she received the Diamond Award for Teaching Excellence, holds certificates with Fellows Status in Family Business Advising and Family Wealth Advising (behavioral focus) from the Family Firm Institute, where she also serves on the faculty of the Global Education Network.  Additionally, she has completed advance graduate work in family systems and therapy.  Kim was the founding co-editor of The Practitioner, a global online non-research-based publication of the Family Firm Institute and currently serves on the article practitioner review team for the Family Business Review.  She is also a Governing Board member of Collaboration for Family Flourishing, a global peer organization focused on advanced learning.


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