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Resources and Articles





  1. Family Business Magazine (

  2. Family Firm Institute, Global (

  3. Family Firm Institute Global Education Network (

  4. Institute for Family Enterprise Advisors, Canada (

  5. Business Families Foundation, Canada (

  6. Institute for Family Business, United Kingdom (

  7. Therawat Family Business Forum and Magazine, Middle East (





  1. The Guardian (Great Britain) -- Do family-owned businesses have a sustainability advantage?  (

  2. Denver Post -- Keep Family first in family business, say advisers (

  3. University of Denver Magazine -- Teaching is a family affair (

  4. Business Week Online -- Management:  The A Team (

  5. Denver Business Journal -- All in the family: Pobrislo Insurance Group spans four generations (

  6. Family Firm Institute -- (

  7. Family business consultant helps guide change journey (



Available Advisor Referrals


Many enterprising families, family businesses, and related organizations seek services and resources to enhance their knowledge and planning.  With over 50 years of combined global expertise in the field, Family Enterprise Alliance members can likely recommend a variety of options for services.  Family Enterprise Alliance does not receive any fees from other advisors for this service.


Please contact Kim Schneider Malek at (303) 915-0242 regarding your need for advisor or other resource referrals.


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