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Facilitator l Educator l Workshop Developer l Keynote

Kim Schneider Malek is an award-winning professional speaker, facilitator, workshop developer, and emcee with over 300+ global engagements relative to family enterprise continuity, collaborative learning, and corporate university technology-based training.  Her clients include family business centers, associations, conferences, peer groups such as YPO, Vistage, and Entrepreneurs' Organization, professional service firms, family offices, family meetings, and family councils.  Kim has presented extensively throughout North America and increasingly throughout Europe and other countries.  Clients, participants and students in her programs come from all over the world including Canada, China, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, GCC countries, Turkey, Israel, Caribbean Islands, Belgium, France, Italy, England, and Nigeria. 


Kim custom designs curriculum and speeches on a wide variety of topics relative to the people-side of family enterprise and the cultural aspects of organizational continuity and succession planning. 


Speaking Engagements (partial)

  • Family Firm Institute (US, Belgium, UK)

  • FOX (Family Office Exchange)

  • Global Education Network (FFI)

  • Institute for Family Business (UK)

  • Family Enterprise Exchange (Canada)

  • Business Enterprise Institute (US)

  • MSI International (Global)

  • Entrepreneurs' Organization (Global Family Business)

  • YPO (RE Network)

  • 21/64 

  • JFNA

  • Washington University Olin Business School, Executive MBA Leadership Series

  • University of Denver Daniels College of Business (Executive MBA)

  • Rocky Mountain Family Business Council


Speaking and Program Topics (partial listing)


  1. Cultivating Socio-emotional Wealth (SEW) :  Beyond Money Matters!

  2. Five Key Lessons from Family Business:  The Power of Blending Cultures in 

    Communities of Origin, Growth, and Aspiration

  3. Seven Ships on the Seas of the Social Economy:  Navigating the Fleet of Mindsets Essential for

    Advancing Collaboration, Engagement, and Enterprise

  4. Strategy Isn't Just for Corporations:  The Role of Planning, Vision, Mission, and Values in Family Unity 

  5. Bury Me in My Red Sneakers:  Out-of-the-Box Conversations for In-the-Box Peace of Mind   

    (Five Communication Skills Advancing Small Group Dynamics toward Aspiration and Inspiration
    Rather than Entropy and Demise)

  6. Awepreneurship(SM):  A Mindset for Finding the Awe and Enterprise in Your Own Everyday Keynote Story

  7. Six Practices for Connecting the Fits and Starts of Succession So Planning Starts and Fits

  8. The Secret Sauce of Lasting Entrepreneurial Success:  Unity in the Enterprising Family

  9. Five Communication Principles of Continuity Planning in Enterprising Families

  10. Developing Rising-Generation Family Leaders…With or Without a Business

  11. Awepreneurship:  Ten Principles for Helping the Rising Generation Rise

  12. Family Enterprise Capital:  It's About Time!

  13. Family Governance:  The Role of Vote vs. Voice and Other Conflicting Commitments

  14. Integrating Collaborative Learning Into Family Councils

  15. S.H.I.F.T. G.E.A.R.S. for Family and Enterprise Continuity -- Mapping Your Mindset for
    Effective Torque and Traction

  16. Can Next-Generation Family Enterprise Engagement Be Prescribed? 

  17. Who Owns Your Legacy?  Conflicting Commitments in Enterprising Families Pursuing Continuity

  18. Leveraging the Family Funnies to Improve Business

  19. The Power of Paradox -- Celebrating Failure in Families With Confident Vulnerability  

  20. Branding the Family Business Beyond the Name

  21. Story:  An Often Overlooked Form of Capital in Family Business

  22. Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship in Enterprising Families

  23. Building Family Unity through Philanthro-Travel

  24. Whose Dream Am I Living?  A Quintessential Consideration for Family Members

  25. Family Business Secrets and Transparency:  What If They Know? 

  26. The Awkward Adventures of Akewak Wondimu:  From 58-lbs of Crooked to Seven Points of Awepreneurship (Mining Emotions for Enterprise and Raising $500,018 through A Dinner of Unconditional Love)

Seminars and Workshops (partial listing) (half- and full-day events)


  • Hawaii Family Business Center

  • Institute for Family Business -- United Kingdom

  • Rocky Mountain Family Business Impact Summit

  • Governing the Family Business and Business Family

  • Successful Succession Practices in Enterprising Families  

  • Managing Human Resources in Family Business

  • Navigating the Familiness Factor in Business Leadership

  • Communication Techniques That Influence Succession Planning


Peer Groups, Round Tables, and Forums


  • Entrepreneurs' Organization:  Global Family Retreat and Experience

  • Family Business Management Forum

  • Next Generation Leadership Forum

  • Women in Family Enterprise

  • Family Council Leadership (for those leading and being groomed to lead family governance structures)


Advisory Forums


  • Working with Business-Owning Families Systemically When Your Client is Not the Family System

  • What Makes Family Businesses Unique?

  • Connecting with Next-Generation Decision Makers

  • Facilitating Family Meetings

  • Utilizing Action Research Methodology in Family Business Advising


Customized Programs, Workshops, and Presentations



  • PRIDE Buying Group

  • Baird/Robinson

  • Land Title Guarantee Company

  • MSI (International Network for Accountants and Attorneys)

  • Business Enterprise Institute (Exit Planning)

  • Kim Schneider Malek will work with your event planners and program development managers to custom design programs, workshops, and presentations targeted specifically to your associations, organizations, professionals, clients, and families.  She can also serve as  facilitator, master of ceremonies (MC), content expert, and faculty recruiter for experts in other areas.  Contact:  Kim Schneider Malek ( or 303-915-0242).


Listing of Previous Engagements (partial)


  • University of Denver Daniels College of Business (Executive MBA, Graduate and Undergraduate Courses)

  • Family Firm Institute Annual Conferences – Sessions/Workshop Facilitation (US, Europe)

  • Global Education Network (Web-Based and In-Person)

  • MSI International (a global network of accountants and attorneys)

  • Business Enterprise Institute (Exit Planning)

  • National Speakers Association (Colorado Chapter)

  • Colorado Society of CPAs

  • Wealth Institute

  • University of Denver Daniels College of Business (Executive MBA and graduate courses) and Women’s College

  • Washington University in St. Louis (Denver Executive MBA program)

  • Family Business Council

  • Rocky Mountain Family Business Center

  • UMB Bank, Family Business Series

  • Vectra Bank of Colorado (parent is Zion National Bank)

  • Jewish Federations of North America

  • PsychoSocial Dynamics of Families and Businesses

  • Estate Planning Council (Southeast Denver)

  • Women’s Estate Planning Council (Colorado)

  • Buying Groups (e.g. PRIDE)

  • Professional Associations (e.g. National Association of Retail Dealers of America)

  • Rotary Club (various locations)

  • Lunch and Learns for Service Firms


Articles and Resources











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