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Family Enterprise Alliance, LLC works with a variety of client types and program
participants globally.  While each 
organization, family, and individual member is
different in core constitution, purpose, values, mission, goals, resources, and strategies,
not to mention diversely blended demographics, ethnicities, and geographic influences
the commitment of working with each one's uniqueness prevails.





  • Enterprising families seeking alignment and governance

  • Ownership and shareholder groups

  • Boards

  • Family councils/assemblies

  • Executive leadership and management teams

  • Individuals and family members

  • Advisors to family enterprise

  • Universities seeking family enterprise-related course development 

  • Associations seeking speakers for keynotes, workshops, general sessions, and multi-day retreats




  • Real estate 

  • Wholesale distribution

  • Technology

  • Professional service firms

  • Services

  • Buying groups

  • Light manufacturing

  • Automotive/heavy equipment

  • Agriculture

  • Retail

  • Medical services

  • Cable television

  • Engineering/design

  • Family foundations/philanthropic groups

  • Family office

  • Family and enterprise learning centers/labs

  • Peer groups



  • Enterprising families seeking governance and family unity

  • Family councils needing facilitation and planning

  • Family businesses, governing boards, and foundations planning for strategy and succession

  • Advisors committed to expanding their multi-disciplinary perspective regarding their work with family enterprise clients


Educational Programming  


  • Organizations affected by, and affecting, family enterprise

  • Associations needing family business and enterprise content experts on family business, succession, governance,
    next generation leadership

  • Universities wanting to design and offer courses and programs on family enterprise

  • Family Business Centers needing curriculum design consultation and delivery


Retreat and Meeting Facilitation


  • Family meetings

  • Family councils

  • Board meetings

  • Organizational strategic and team-building planning retreats

  • Groups needing facilitation for meetings, workshops, forums, and conference sessions

  • Affinity and peer-to-peer groups




  • Associations addressing family business, continuity, governance, succession, next-generation, and family dynamics issues

  • Family Business Centers

  • Conferences

  • Event planners in professional service firms (law, accounting, wealth management, insurance, banking, behavioral science)



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