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Services and Programs

Family Enterprise Alliance offers non-financial and non-legal consulting, planning retreat and family meeting facilitation, educational and experiential program development, coaching, and family enterprise and family business event keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions.

Consulting and Continuity Planning



  • Succession and Transition Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Governance

  • Leadership

    • Family Council  

    • Next Generation 

  • Awepreneurship(SM) Practices

  • Building Enterprising Cultures in Families and Organizations

  • Engaging Philanthropic Families

  • Restorative Intervention

  • Coaching

  • Family Enterprise Center Design and Development




  • Family Meetings

  • Family Councils

  • Planning Sessions

  • Team building

  • Conflict management

  • Retreats - Family, Business, Board, and Peer Groups

  • Forums on Continuity, Succession, Family Governance, Family Dynamics, and Communication

Workshop Development
Educational Programs



  • Family Business Councils

  • Family Business Center Programs

  • Peer Groups

  • University Courses

  • Certificate Programs

  • Association Workshops

  • In-House Educational Series

  • Firm Programs for Clients

  • Family Offices

  • Families






  • Keynotes

  • Plenary programs

  • Break-out sessions

  • Full-Day Sessions

  • Half-Day Sessions

  • Weekend Workshops

  • Custom-designed programs and facilitation (in collaboration with associations, corporations, families, and family business centers)




  • Uncertainty:  A Hidden Family Enterprise Asset

  • Connecting the Fits and Starts of Succession So Planning Starts and Fits for Continuity

  • Family Enterprise Strategic, Succession, and Continuity Planning

  • Family Governance

  • Board Development

  • Leadership and Next/Rising Generation Development

  • Inspiring the Rising Generation through Balanced Engagement

  • Family Unity in Enterprising Families

  • Facilitating Family Meetings and Family Retreats

  • Creating Collaborative Learning Organizations within Enterprising Families

  • Building Cultures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Humor, Perspective, and Resiliency

  • The Business of Family in Family Business

  • Who Owns/Controls Today?  Tomorrow?

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